Saturday, July 17, 2010

100717_CATASETUM Musicpavilion_Step 1.02

100720_Baroque Pattern_Evol_01.02
100720_Baroque Pattern_Evol_01.01
100720_Baroque Pattern_Evol_Cellular Sytem & Organisation

Philip Wilck as John Palermo _published PAPERWALL 2006
The creative process bares his results sometimes step by step, in a flood or 
sometimes in a new context.
The BLUE FLOWER (Die BLAUE BLUME), a central symbol of romaticism, 
appeared in a painting that I published around 2006.
This romantic key concept stands for desire and the metaphysical striving 
for the infinite and unreachable. Essential characters of our human beiing. 
The break, the misfit in it unbosomed a foreshadow of the spaces beyond 
our borders. Step by step and forever reachable/unreachable.

1.02.00 Design Intention
Romantic analysis. Catchwords: Novalis, Blinky Palermo,+(Joseph Beuys)
Find the initial breakpoint. Create a repeating pattern and find the syncopic 
breakpoints.Transform this pattern analysis to an envelop architectural system.
Part to whole. Find syncopic moments in this architectural movement. Repeat 
and dispatch it. Assemble the declined elements to a new integrative object

1.02.01_Repeating Pattern_Disturbing Pattern_Philip Wilck as John Palermo *2010

1.02.01_Disturbed / Non Regular Patterns_Blinky Palermo *1965
100717_Baroque Pattern_Test

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